Dream with your eyes open!

          Discover the most beautiful views of Bora bora by flying over one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world.

The 360 ​​° view is exceptional with its symphonies of colors, and its marine life. From there up you can admire the turtles, the sharks and the rays in their natural environment.

The stunning contrasts, the crystalline waters of the lagoon, the white foam of the barrier reef, and the intense blue of the Pacific Ocean.

Ideal for lovers, this discovery activity is accessible to all and requires no experience.

About Bora Bora Lagoon Parasail

          Bora Bora Lagoon Parasail was founded in 1991. 

We have adapted the activity to the needs of our clients. Here we do gentle and silent tour of 25 minutes with 1000 feet of rope. It is a unique experience, which you may not have the opportunity to do again, so take advantage of this excursion to engrave this show in your memory forever.

At Bora Bora Lagoon Parasail we love what we do.

Our experienced, friendly and professional staff is trained to make your tour unforgettable and to make it the best activity of your stay.

Where we work

We do the activity of the nautical ascent in one of the most beautiful parts of the island of Bora Bora
(to the south of the island near the point Matira).

Where we work

Come to us

          To come to us, you have two possibilities:

  • The taxi mini bus

If your hotel is on a motu you must take the hotel shuttle boat (not free) to go to the main island, where our free mini bus will wait for you to go to our parasailing boat.

  • The taxi boat (not free)

The taxi boat will pick you up directly at your hotel dock to go to our parasailing boat.

It’s not free, but by this way you will have more time and more options to choose you pick up time.

At the end of the parasail tour, the taxi (mini bus or boat) will bring you back in the same way.


           As soon as you arrive, the crew will welcome you and you’ll embark, possibly with other customers on board.

Depending of number of people and the flight they chose we will navigate to the right spot for the flights. The boat will go for 40 minutes (1 couple) or 1h15 minutes (2 couples).

On board you will read, in your own language, an explanatory sheet which is very easy to understand.

In your harnass you will gently fly from the platform of the boat, and all you need to do is enjoy the landscape.

The first thing you will love is the explosion of colors with the blue cobalts, pastels, and turquoise green.

          The sting rays will streak the calm and crystal water in the vast shallows.

In the dark blue, with any luck, a turtle may come to the surface to breathe. 

You’ll love the wonderful panoramic view of the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea, but also a group of black eagle rays under your feet!

At the end of the tour, the winch slowly pulls you back to land softly on the platform of the boat.

After everybody did the parasail flight, we bring you back to the boarding pier.


330 ft of rope

15 minutes of flight

30 000 XPF / 250 €

(per couple)

1000 ft of rope

15 minutes of flight

37 000 XPF / 310 €

(per couple)

1000 ft of rope

25 minutes of flight

48 000 XPF / 400 €

(per couple)

Private flight

  • The semi private:

    You take either the shuttle boat hotel + our minibus or a taxi boat to go to our base. You will be alone on board. After your flight you go back in the same conditions.

  • The total private:

    The parasailing boat comes to pick you up directly at the dock of your hotel. You will be alone on board. After your flight, the boat brings you back to your hotel. This way you don’t loose any time getting to and from your flight.

  • Please contact us for more information about the pricing.

Go Pro Video

          The video is optional. It records your flight and takes 15 or 25 pictures depending on the duration of the flight. At the end of the tour, you can buy the SD card.

We don’t deliver the card to your hotel.
We use a go pro camera.

The properties:

  • The video resolution is Full HD 1080p.
  • The view is wide angle 

The micro SDHC card is class 10 with a capacity of 8GB. After copying your recording you can use it for your camera or storage.

Special Group Rates

We also do groups, companies and seminars.

The more, the merrier!

Contact us to arrange a special day for your group!

A multilingual experience

We provide explanatory sheets: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian.

Our guide on board speaks English.

The timing is up to you.

The standard is open 7 days a week (00689 87 705662) for the booking.

We know how precious your time is.

We are here for you, even in weekends and on holidays.

See Bora Bora from a different point of view and dream with your eyes open!

Enjoy the view of the island while you are peacefully gliding over the lagoon…


Client videos

Frequently Asked Questions

No, no aptitude or experience is required.

Minimum age: 4 or 5 years old, depending on the body structure. No maximum age, our record is 98 years old!

To have a safe flight, it is necessary to have weight limits. The captain may decide to change the limits, depending on the wind conditions of that moment. We always do our best to be of service, however, safety is our number one priority. Children or lighter passengers can fly with an adult, or another passenger.

What counts is the total weight under the parachute.

Between 110 Kg (240 Pounds) and 170 Kg (370 Pounds) is almost always possible. Depending on the weather conditions we can change the weight limits from 80 Kg (170 Pounds) to 250 Kg (550 Pounds). The weight limits are subject to changes in windy conditions. With little wind we can not do heavy flights. With a lot of wind we can not do light flights or heavy flights. Maximum weight per person 150 kg (330 Pounds).


Bora Bora Lagoon Parasail will not depart in unsafe weather conditions. The captain will assess the weather. Should the captain determine that the conditions are unsafe to run the tour, the tour may be postponed or canceled. Every effort will be made to reschedule your tour during your stay. If you are unable to re-schedule your tour we will offer you a refund.

It depends on the number of participants and the flight times chosen.

Generally, it takes about 1h15 with 2 flights on board.

The tour can take longer if we do 3 flights.

We usually have groups of 4 or 6 passengers.

No, the departure and arrival are on the aft platform of the boat. Incidentally we could land in the water.

The risk is very small; 1 couple out of 1000 gets wet.

The height of the parachute depends on the weight it must support, and the force of the wind at the moment.

145 to 165 feet above water for flights with 330 feet of rope.

425 to 490 feet above the water for flights with 1000 feet of rope.

The route depends essentially on the direction of the wind, but we always try to pass where there are the most beautiful views.

There is always a small chance of getting wet, so if you want to be sure, leave anything that may not get wet on the boat before climbing into the parachute.

Yes, if they fit tightly on your face. If they don’t, they might fall.

Yes, but at your own risk.

On the boat it may get wet, and during the flight it might fall.

There is always a small chance of getting in the water, so if you want to be sure not to break or loose your camera, do not take it with you on the parachute.

We equip you with a GoPro on-board camera that will film your flight, and also take photos automatically.

The color depends on the flora or rocks on the lagoon-floor, and the depth of the water.

Light blue: sand and about 1 to 3 meters of depth.

Turquoise blue: sand and 7 to 10 meters.

Dark blue: 25 to 35 meters.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time to drop you off due to our planning.

We have paid for your return transfer, you do not have to pay anything. Your driver will wait for you at the same place where it has dropped you off. If he is not there yet; please do not leave, it won’t take long.

If you have come by taxi boat, you will leave with the taxi boat.

Don’t worry about a thing, let yourself be taken care of.

Vous ne vous occupez de rien, laissez vous guider.

Le Parasail à payé votre transfert aller retour, vous ne devez rien payer, votre véhicule retour vous attendra au même endroit où il vous a déposé. S’il n’est pas encore là; ne vous éloignez pas et soyez patient il ne tardera pas.
Si vous êtes venu en taxi boat, vous repartirez avec lui.

We want everyone to have the best possible experience. Sometimes the weather can be rough. In that case we will advise the following people not to fly or join as a companion on the boat: pregnant women, people with heart disease or who are prone to discomfort.

Yes, we can adapt our service to you needs.

We have already worked with many people who are usually in wheelchairs. We handle our guests with great care.

For safety we may cancel our flights when the wind is too strong.

We have an extensive maintenance program for all our equipment.

We maintain our fleet of boats and equipment in perfect condition, with daily check-up and maintenance activities.

In the unlikely event of a mechanical or technical problem, we will gently let you land in the water.

Our boat was specifically built for parasailing. Length: 8.5 meters (28 feet).

Engine: Cummins, 370 horsepower.

Our parachutes are English.

The resistance of the rope is 2200 kg. It can be used for about 20 months, but we replace it every 10 months.

The captain is a qualified French instructor, specific diploma for the activity of parascutisme ascensionnel

Bora Bora Parasail was founded in 1991.

In almost all cases you will see rays.

  1. Gray-colored stingrays move slowly on the lagoon floor, close to rocks.
  2. Leopard rays, often in groups, are very easy to see.
  3. The Manta ray is the largest of the rays, reaching up to 5 meters of wingspan. They can be seen only in a few areas.


Difficult to see because of the same color as the sand: sharks.

  1. Generally black tips (color of their dorsal fin) about 1.5 meters max, they are not dangerous.
  2. The lemon shark can be 3 meters long and has sickle-shaped fins. It is its yellowish color that gives it its name.


Different birds.

  1. The Noddis, seen on the Pandanus roofs of the bungalows.
  2. The Pacific Frigate has a wingspan of 1.5 m. Its gliding flight is both powerful and graceful.
  3. The Sterne spends most of their time in the air without ever landing.
  4. The Gygis Alba is a bird whose elegance is remarkable because of the almost translucent purity of its plumage and its way of flying. The Tahitian calls it Manutea, which means the white bird.
  5. The straw-in-tail, angel of the oceans, it lives on the high seas and its flight is majestic.


The Turtles

They come to the surface to breathe and plunge back almost immediately. They can remain under water for about two hours.

They can be seen in the dark blue parts of the lagoon.

The most common species found in the lagoon is the green turtle.

All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Cancellations on the day of your reservation will be charged in full and are nonrefundable. If a trip is cancelled by Bora Bora Lagoon Parasail for any reason, the full amount will be refunded to your credit card.

Contact us

Bora Bora Parasailing

          Maybe your questions has already been answered in our FAQ!

If you still have any questions or special request, please contact us via the contact form. We will be reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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